IDÉALIA LIFE SERUM: The 1<sup>st</sup> lifeproof skin idealizer*

Vichy Life Serum

No matter her age, her skin color, her skin type and most importantly, no matter her personal lifestyle… Every woman wants to reach her ideal skin. For them, Vichy extends its Idéalia range and creates its first lifeproof skin “idealizer” for a spectacular repair of skin quality in 8 days.
For the first time, the VICHY LABORATORIES have been able to identify all the daily behavior that negatively affect the skin (pollution, lack of sleep or physical activity, stress, anxiety…) and describe their clinical impact on the skin. To repair theses negative effects, the VICHY LABORATORIES have exclusively associated the two most powerful skin quality correcting molecules, LR2412 and LHA. Together they act in relay to correct all skin quality markers: the skin surface, skin color radiance and skin bounce.

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*By Vichy