Vichy has innovated Idealia Lumiére Illuminating Moisture Night Peeling Care, the 1st overnight tone-up peeling care adapted for sensitive skin. Non-abrasive and grain-free, it contains powerful and natural active ingredients that speeds up the skin’s renewal process through exfoliating dead skin cells and pollutions, achieving hydrated skin with radiance and glow.

Scientifically proven to have strong efficacy, results have shown that 76% of women noticed a more refined skin texture, while 75% noticed a more radiant skin and 70% noticed a smoother skin.* It is also hypoallergenic/ allergy tested under dermatological control on asian skin**

Powerful active for optimal results
The Idealia formula contains Kombucha, a natural anti-glycation ingredient which blocks up to 79% of rigidification of the collagen fibres. The extract naturally contains AHA, vitamins and polyphenols, giving it the virtue of enhancing radiance, and decreasing dullness and roughness.

Blueberry Polyphenols, another key ingredient, is a natural anti-oxidant with anti-ageing properties to make skin more resistant. Nine times more antioxidant than grapes, wild blueberry extract, and in particular its polyphenols, shields from free radicals.
But that’s not all! The prodigious fruit is also brilliant for combating MMP (metalloproteinases), the enzymes that slowly destroy the skin’s collagen. To avoid fine lines appearing, it boosts the production of collagen 1 and 3.

The Kombucha and Blueberry Polyphenols are incorporated with the Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water, which is essential in making skin durable against internal and external aggressors. It possesses regenerating, reinforcing and rebalancing properties in its 15 minerals.