Revive skin's glow with Biotherm's Aquasource Range 

Now hydration has a new power : radiance.

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After 20 years pioneering moisturizing care that delivers beyond hydration, in 2018 Biotherm marks the beginning of a new era : Aquasource introduces hydration so intense and so regenerating, it delivers a natural, instant glow. The secret behind the three newly developed products : A combination of intensely hydrating Medicinal Aura Leaf enhanced with the healing power of Life PlanktonTM, one of skincare’s most unique regenerating ingredients.

New Aquasource Daily Regenerating Moisturizing Gel

Biotherm’s iconic moisturizer since 20 years. Its newly developed formula and its unique gel texture provides regenerating action and a stronger visible efficacy on glow. It is so intensely moisturizing and regenerating, that hydration becomes a daily skin transformation. Dullness is healed, skin's glow is revived. In 10 days, skin looks transformed : day after day intensely moisturized, smoother, more even and radiant.

New Aquasource Aura Concentrate

The innovative advanced bi-phase serum, on the spectrum between serum and essence, consists of two phases. Both visible within the light-green colored blend, they contain millions of micro droplets, suspended in liquid. When shaken, the two phases infuse to reveal a fresh full efficacy. A bi-phase formula for normal to dry skin, made of 90% natural-origin ingredients. It is 10x more concentrated in Medicinal Aura Leaf for a fast, intense action on hydration and glow. In 10 days, every factor of skin glow is enhanced : full hydration, renewed skin for a refined skin texture, a more even complexion, and a smoother better light-reflecting surface.

New Aquasource Milky Lotion

With more moisturizing agents than a lotion, the pioneering Aquasource Milky Lotion has been developed to rebalance skin and perfect your intense moisture and glow routine. The fast absorbing watery texture delivers intense moisture into skin's layers and replenishes the skin barrier with comfort. Thanks to its unique ingredients and ideal formulation of Medicinal Aura Leaf enriched with Biotherm's healing ingredient Life Plankton™ skin is balanced and hydrated.