L'Oréal Citizen Day

Employees’ citizen engagement at the heart of L’Oréal’s CSR strategy 

Every year since 2010, L’Oréal has offered employees worldwide the opportunity to participate in a social engagement volunteering day in lieu of a workday. The event supports both social and environmental local organizations and NGOs. 

We call it Citizen Day – a day when L’Oréal employees can volunteer for a wide variety of initiatives such as the renovation of an organisation’s premises, soup kitchen work, support for young social entrepreneurs, waste collection, or well-being workshops for disadvantaged members of the community.

Many employees volunteer each year. In 2018, with nearly 30,000 employee participants, L’Oréal Citizen Day supported 855 organisations in 63 countries. The event embodies the Group’s commitment to CSR throughout its value chain, and through the commitment of its employees, to contribute positively to the ecosystems and communities in which it operates.