Garnier: a partner in your pocket

Protecting the skin from the risks due to exposure to the sun is the first thing consumers expect from sun creams. Garnier goes further as a daily companion to the consumer thanks to "My sunshine moments", an application full of practical advice.


For more than 75 years Garnier Ambre Solaire has been a partner for consumers concerned about preventing the risks associated with UV exposure. In June 2012, this partnership was even more strengthened. ‘Our surveys have shown that when it comes to sun exposure, consumers have always been eager for information and education’, says Reynald Sauvet, Vice-President Integrated Communications Garnier International. ‘Hand-held internet devices have won over a huge part of the public by their convenience. It then seemed obvious to us that we needed to create a smartphone service. For this reason we took the initiative to launch an application called My Sunshine Moments in several pilot countries. This app enables us to actively support our consumers in their everyday lives whenever and wherever they use our suncare products.’ Designed in collaboration with the Association of European Cancer Leagues, the app detects user’s location and sends out alerts if the UV index is high. It also provides customised SPF advice, can tell users when they need to apply more sun-block and includes a photo-sharing function. ‘It’s important for the app to be fun,’ stresses Reynald Sauvet, ‘because time spent under the sun is supposed to be a pleasure.’ 30,000 people in France downloaded the app during summer 2012 and 98% of those completed their user profile. Proof that the app ‘meets a real need’.

The My Sunshine Moments application prolongs our contact with consumers after purchase.
Reynald Sauvet, Vice-President Integrated Communications Garnier International