Key figures

key figures 2018
key figures 2018

Our employees

  • 15,500 people trained through the Digital Upskilling programme
  • 96% of the group's permanent employees have healthcare insurance in line with best practices in their country of residence
  • 33% of Executive Committee members are women

Our research

  • 498 patents filed in 2017
  • €877M invested in Research & Innovation
  • 16 evaluation centres
  • 3 global centres in France
  • 20research centres grouped into six regional hubs (United States, Japan, China, India, Brazil and South Africa)

Our production

  • 41production sites
  • 24carbon-neutral sites in 2017, including 9 factories
  • 100quality verifications on average for each product
  • 3 "A"ratings from CDP¹

Our commitments

  • 91of our brands have already assessed their social or environmental impact
  • 30,000employees volunteered during the Citizen Day in 2017
  • 76%of new products launched in 2017 boast an improved social or environmental profile
  • -73%reduction in absolute CO2 emissions at our factories and distribution centres compared to 2005
  • +53,500people from communities facing social and financial hardship were able to find employment through L'Oréal's solidarity initiatives


  • 1Bvisits to our websites
  • 250Mfollowers on social networks
  • 38%of media investments in digital
  • +33.6%growth of e-commerce sales²
  • 8%of consolidated sales in e-commerce²

Source : 2017 Annual Report, click here to discover the full version online

¹CDP is an independent international organisation that evaluates companies’ environmental performance.
²Sales achieved on our brands' own websites + estimated sales achieved by the brands corresponding to sales through our retailers' websites (non-audited data), like-for-like growth.