Our ambition

Our ambition for the coming years is to win over another one billion consumers around the world by creating the cosmetic products that meet the infinite diversity of their beauty needs and desires.


Beauty for all, beauty for each individual

At L’Oréal, we are convinced that there is no single and unique model of beauty, but an infinite diversity of forms of beauty, linked to periods, cultures, history and personalities… To draw ever greater numbers of women and men to use our products means reaching out to extremely diverse populations with a vision of universalising beauty. In our view, to universalise does not mean to impose uniformity, but on the contrary, to be inspired by diversity to innovate.

Observe local beauty customs

At the heart of this project, our Research and Innovation reinvents itself to create cosmetics products adapted to the immense diversity of the world. In each region of the globe, we have set up Research platforms, true centres of expertise, designed with tailor-made beauty in mind. These research poles invent new products that can become worldwide successes. This is a real turning point in the way we think about Innovation.

Facilitating access to cosmetics products

In a market undergoing substantial transformations, L’Oréal takes steps forward each year to make the best in beauty available to everyone. With a portfolio of 27 international brands and an organisational structure based on distribution channels, we have the ambition to meet the needs of every consumer according to his or her habits and lifestyle. In its own way, L’Oréal is thus pushing back boundaries and taking up the challenge of increasingly accessible innovation.

To accelerate the regionalisation of our expertise

To win over another one billion consumers around the world is an ambitious project that motivates all our teams. An economic but also human adventure, which requires the rapid deployment of our forces and an accelerated transformation of the company in every field, including Research, manufacturing, marketing, sales, human relations and administrative teams… This major project is also an opportunity for innovation and progress to build the L’Oréal of tomorrow.