Training courses for managers
Social and Societal Responsability

The group's EHS department and Operations' Lfd department (1) have provided managers with two training courses aimed at bringing awareness to the company's approach to safety.

Training for managers

“Safety and Leadership" is a course intended for site directors and their managers, technical directors and supply chain managers, and members of plant management committees, distribution centres and administrative sites, including EHS managers. The seminar, organised with the CEDEP(2), is multi-company, which enables discussion about different points of view in safety culture. The programme provides practical content on safety culture, with hands-on reports by DuPont de Nemours and personal stories from industrial managers from various companies, and theoretical content on managing stress and risk in decision-making. 88 L’Oréal managers have already been on the course, including 42 in 2011.

“EHS Operations & Labs” is a training course designed for team leaders and members of plant management committees,distribution centres and laboratories, as well EHS managers. The course, which is very operational, answers the question: “How do you manage day to day while including the aspects of EHS, and how do you incorporate those aspects into plans for change?” Designed in early 2011, the course was taken this year by 132 Europeans and 24 Mexicans, and will be rolled out in North America and Asia in 2012.

Nathalie CARLETTO, Lfd Operations Manager, L'Oréal

Nathalie CARLETTO, Lfd Operations Manager, L'Oréal


Nathalie CARLETTO, Lfd Operations Manager, L'Oréal

Nathalie CARLETTO, Lfd Operations Manager, L'Oréal

“The CEDEP has provided us with world class professors/researchers. And connecting with other companies has enabled managers to compare their safety culture and practices with other site managers in various sectors with different responsibilities. Site managers in every company are now aware that they share the same issues and challenges."

(1)Learning for development, the group's training and development department.
(2) European Centre for Executive Development.

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