Singapore students name L’Oréal as the #1 Most Attractive Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Employer in Singapore


In the Universum ranking of ‘The Most Attractive Employers’ revealed this week, L’Oréal is proud to be named the top most attractive Fast-Moving Consumer Goods company that business and humanities/ liberal arts/ education school students desire to work for. 

To conduct this study, Universum reached out to over 4,800 young graduates from business students and humanirties/ liberal arts/ education students in Singapore between September 2016 to January 2017. The information gathered reveals the expectations of prospective graduates and the values they look for when looking for a job and applying to a company.

In the context of economic uncertainty, young people look for reassurance and innovation from their future employers. 
“If L’Oréal continues to stay ahead of the game, it is because it combines solidity and innovation. The Group is at the cutting edge of Beauty Tech, is a  pioneer of ‘Social Beauty’ and empowers its employees to invent the future of beauty,” explains Henric Sark, Country Managing Director at L’Oréal Singapore.

Another key asset is the entrepreneurial spirit which lies at the heart of the Group’s culture: “The possibility to create an impact, and the individual power to change things are core values of the L’Oréal model. These are also values highly sought after by the younger generation, as shown otherwise in their desire to join smaller companies and startups,” shared Sark. “We are even happier that this attractivity translates into job applications, as is reflected in the 10,000 applicants received for permanent roles yearly.

The Universum rankings for 2017 show a rise in attractivity from Business students. The Group has risen from 22th to 16th place, highlighting L’Oréal Singapore’s attractiveness as a future employer for students.

L’Oréal Singapore also leads with excellence as a talent hub, grooming bright young talents for many opportunities regionally and globally. This year, 2% of Singapore employees have been selected for roles in countries including Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan; while both the Brand National Champion and Technology National Champion teams from Singapore have again made it to the international finals of Brandstorm - L’Oréal’s renowned global business and innovation competition where student teams compete in a six-month-long competition working on real-life challenges, coached by top L’Oréal executives. Singapore has an impressive track record in Brandstorm with more than 95,000 participating students globally in the past 15 years, bringing home three championships, one first runner-up and two second runner-up awards.

Read more about the Universum rankings of the most attractive employers here: 


About L’Oréal Singapore

L’Oréal Singapore was established in 1990 and currently has 22 international brands across luxury, masstige, consumer and hair categories. With more than 550 employees and a Research & Innovation Centre, L'Oréal Singapore is consistently voted as one of the top employers, and was ranked in Universum 2017 as the #1 FMCG Company to Work For. Since 2009, the For Women In Science programme is one key program that recognize talented young women pursuing research in Singapore, while Brandstorm has been leading the field as an innovation incubator for talents and projects since 2001. L’Oréal Singapore is also committed to sustainability, ethics and the community, with multiple initiatives that meet environmental, social and consumer needs.