Step Up Your Brow Game with L’Oréal Paris' Brow Artist XPERT!


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  • brow xpert

One of the most important facial features, our eyebrows can help frame our face shape and boost our self-confidence. We all want natural, thicker looking eyebrows which are currently right on trend! However, not all of us are blessed with amazing brows like Cara Delevingne, and the process of filling your brows can be daunting for many, especially beginners.

Introducing the new Brow Artist XPERT from L’Oréal Paris, a duo-ended retractable eyebrow pencil, the new game changer to step up your brow game. With this, it has never been easier to achieve natural, perfectly defined eyebrows – even if you are a beginner!

With an innovative triangular tip and an easy glide-on formula, the Brow Artist XPERT has a sharp tip to define and shape brow arches with precision, while the wide base helps fill in sparse areas, effectively creating fuller brows with its smooth application. Using soft strokes, you can now maneuver and take control easily without looking too overdone!

It also comes with a soft blending brush in the form of smooth and short bristles, creating flawless blendability to tame and achieve the well-defined but yet natural finish. Its retractable mechanism requires no sharpening, making it convenient and travel-friendly for a touch up on the go.

The Brow Artist XPERT comes with 3 shades – Warm Brunette, Ash Brunette and Cool Blond to complement Asian hair colors.