Vichy Dercos Ultra-Soothing Range

Beautiful hair is always rooted in a healthy scalp.

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Today, Dercos is inventing the first cleansing formula that meets two of women’s essential needs: to soothe a scalp in distress and enhance their color with each shampoo. An expert cleansing cream that targets the scalp to restore balance as quickly as possible, as well as a serum dedicated to sensitive scalps in general, and though afflicted by color treatments in particular.



For the first time, a cleansing product achieves the feat of soothing the scalp while enhancing colored hair. Its secret? A hypoallergenic and high-tolerance creamy texture, formulated without sulphates to cleanse the hair fiber without rubbing off the color. Developed without parabens or colorant, it contains Sensirine and Madecassoside, two cutting-edge active ingredients by Dercos that immediately soothe the scalp. Balance is restored with each application. The sensitive skin on the scalp becomes normal.

Right from the first application of the Ultra Soothing Color Cleansing Cream, sensations of itching, tingling and overheating are reduced. This effect increases with each application.


Ultra-light and quickly absorbed, this serum is used daily to soothe scalps weakened by color treatments as well as all kinds of everyday aggressions. Effective in the event of a crisis, it can also be applied as an intensive treatment to normalize scalps in distress. With no need to wash the hair after application, its fresh, non-greasy and non-sticky texture vanishes immediately, leaving only intense relief on the scalp.

With the Ultra Soothing Serum, a reduction in unpleasant sensations can be felt instantly. Participants in the study observed a more comfortable scalp with the very first use, a feeling measured and accentuated with each new application. This relief is not only instant, but also lasts for 48 hours.