Lancôme Advanced Génifique Hydrogel Melting Mask

Advanced Génifique Hydrogel Melting Mask: a technological ingenuity offered by Lancôme

hydrogel melting mask

Millions of women around the world have already made Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique serum an essential part of their daily skincare routine. For 2018, Lancôme set itself a challenge: to come up with a single sheet mask containing the same amount of Bifidus extracts as a whole bottle of Advanced Génifique! And so the Hydrogel Melting Mask was born. A new type of sheet mask, the Hydrogel Melting Mask delivers results which are instantly visible on the skin. A perfect response to the needs of a generation that is always pressed for time.

All the science of Génifique has been concentrated in this mask, which meets the same high performance standards as the “Little black bottle”: 14 years of research, a formula that has been patented until 2029, more than 150 international beauty awards, proven compatibility for all women, whatever their skin type, age or ethnicity. A universal, timeless serum whose precious probiotic extracts are now available in the new Hydrogel Melting Mask: moments after application, the skin is visibly smoother and plumped-up, its youthful aura immediately restored.

Probiotic extracts: when Nature meets Big Science

At its core, the Hydrogel Melting Mask contains the star ingredients of Advanced Génifique serum: probiotic extracts. Probiotics are micro-organisms which are found in nature in various forms. They have many benefits and have caught the attention of nutritionists because of their implications for human health. In 2009, Lancôme developed an application for probiotics in skincare in the form of biocompatible fractions. This technology is designed to activate the skin's beauty and help strengthen its barrier function by giving it access to all the vital resources it needs (carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, etc.). Of these probiotic extracts, the Hydrogel Melting Mask is most concentrated in Bifidus. It not only helps strengthen the skin’s barrier function by improving its quality and resistance to external stress, it also helps provide the skin with intense hydration. As a result, it is almost unrivalled in its effectiveness.

A technology at the cutting edge of innovation: the hydrogel matrix

An advanced microscopic technology was developed in order to optimise the penetration of the active ingredients in the Hydrogel Melting Mask into the skin, and is revolutionising the world of sheet masks: the hydrogel matrix, an aqueous, soluble bio-matrix. How does it work? It is all thanks to a special, heat-sensitive hydrogel mesh, which melts into a fluid at skin temperature and therefore releases its active ingredients on contact with the skin. Upon application, the mask half-melts into the skin with a soft, pleasant texture that glides across the face. The mask leaves skin moisturised with a supple, radiant finish. Skin is neither greasy nor sticky.