shu uemura introduces new #lipsignature laque supreme

#lipsignature: a unique feature for every individual

shu uemura lacquer supreme

a unique feature in every individual, lips can make the most of any makeup look; lips are your constant accessory. shu uemura offers #lipsignature laque supreme to allow women to be confident of who they are and have no fear to express themselves. show your #lipsignature with laque supreme and let your lips become your distinctive trait - the ultimate proof of your identity.

what is your lipsignature color?

the new 11 shades have been selected by defining the colors that are the most beautiful for shine and that allow lips to become the focus of the face. keeping the 5 most-coveted existing shades, the total 16 captivating shades now come in a wider range of hues, from iconic lacquer-red to better-than-bare nude, with true color pigment pay-off.