shu uemura #eyelovecolor collection

classics to vibrants, play colors in your style


in 2018, shu uemura is proud to reveal a wider range of products to open your eyes to new possibilities. with shu uemura's color expertise you can empower your eyes with muted blacks and browns or add drama with vibrant shades on your lids and brows. you're only limited to your imagination...

brow unlimited

this unconventional* 2-in-1 brow mascara can be used on brows as well as lashes to push the beauty boundaries. this new twisted brush colors both brows and lashes with ease. short bristles for intense color deposit and long bristles for combing and separation. choose from an edit of striking colors designed to take eyes to another level. co-ordinate brows and lashes or clash colors for a bold and edgy look. resistant to smudge and long-lasting. total 6 shades.


hard formula

shu uemura's legendary eyebrow pencil has been beloved for over 25 years. the signature naginata shape demonstrates the brand's timeless craftsmanship and enables you to draw on flawless individual hairs, one-by-one. now brows enter a new dimension - a selection of vivid new shades to give even more power to your brow. whether you love to play with vibrant hair color and matching brows or you simply want a unique brow look unlike any other, shu uemura makes it possible.



the first* pre-shaped naginata eyebrow pencil is designed for the ultimate easy-to-use grooming tool, now with an exciting range of new colors for you to explore. soft and smooth for easy drawing yet precise and defined. use the tip of the sword to create individual hairs, then the edges to shade and define, fill in gaps or add depth. the convenient built-in sharpener means you'll be brow-ready, whereer you are. 


pressed eye shadow

shu uemura's pure intense eye shadow offers superior color payoff with excellent wear so you can enjoy dramatic colors with more clarity. the innovative new formula contains inorganic pigment for vivid, true-to-life color and delivers full coverage and intense color payoff. the ultra-fine mica base glides and blends effortlessly with great skin affinity to prevent fallout or fade. these highly-concentrated matte shades can be worn alone or layered to help you express your authentic self. 



shu uemura presents fun, wearable, paint-on eye color for endless possibilities. sheer, fresh colors inspired by japanese water paintings, excellent for bringing a touch of color excitement to subtle daytime definition. the professional pen-style liquid eyeliner has a thin, firm tip for smooth and precise application. add a delicate flash of color, use painterly strokes for an abstract feel or build up layers for mesmerizing effect. long-lasting and smudge-resistant, total 8 shades.


all products under #eyelovecolor collection will be launched islandwide from 1st July 2018.


*within shu uemura