L’Oréal Singapore launches its in-house studio for content creation


L’Oréal, the world leader in beauty, is continuing its digital acceleration, transforming brands to digital “love brands” with consumer experience as priority.

L’Oréal Singapore has set up a digital in-house studio focusing on content creation, reflecting how digital is at the heart of the group’s marketing strategy. Fitted with backdrops, LED Studio lights, filming, photography and editing equipment, teams can now create content for new launches and collaborations seamlessly, which includes tailoring fast-paced, colorful and immersive content that speaks to the new creative codes of the digital world.

The digital team has also undergone rapid expansion and development, with recruitment of digital specialists and e-commerce managers, and strong upskilling of all employees – on top of local, overseas and mandatory online digital training programs, L’Oréal Singapore has also specially-developed the Flex Learning Initiative that provides a good spectrum of courses, including digital.

At the heart of the digital transformation is a keen focus on consumer experience and engagement with increasingly personalized content, and to ensure that real-time performance of campaigns are effective and impactful to consumers’ needs.